Feature Description

ProAuth includes a database auditing functionality for specific entities. All the audit log entries are written to the audit tables of each database (configuration database and user store databases). For the configuration database, there is also a built-in audit trail viewer with a diff-viewer.

Audit Trail Viewer

Audit Trail Entry

Each audit trail entry contains the following data:

  • Id
    Unique identification of the entry
  • Timestamp
  • Category
    Category of audit trail entry. Currently only database record change is supported.
  • Area
    For database audit trail entries, this contains the entity type.
  • Action
    The type of action which was audited: Added, Modified, Deleted
  • User
    The ProAuth user id who performed the change.
  • Data Source
    For database audit trail entries, this represents the connection string.
  • Signature Public Key Info
    Key information to identify the the public key of the key pair which was used to sign the entry.
  • Signature
    Each audit trail entry is signed with a certificate stored in the internal certificate store. Any change on the audit trail entry would invalidate the signature.
  • Original Content
    The content before the action has been applied (not available for created entities)
  • Current Content
    The content after the action has been applied (not available for deleted entities)

Key Features

  • Auditing
  • Change Tracking
  • Data Consistency


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