Feature Description

ProAuth was built with an API-first mindset. Therefore all the configuration and management actions are available by an authenticated public API which facilitates integration and automation scenarios. The management API is used by the product for the Admin App as well as for data initializer implementations. The admin app can be used for any integration or automation scenario to better support the integration in your enterprise or SaaS application.

The management API is authenticated and only allows interaction according to a ProAuth admin role which needs to be set on a user, group or client application. The latter enables the integration in your services or CI/CD automation.

Management API

ProAuth Security Roles

In order to interact with the management API, a user, group or client application has to be assigned to a ProAuth security role:

  • SystemAdmin
    With the SystemAdmin role, you are a super admin and allowed to proceed any change in ProAuth.

  • CustomerAdmin
    A CustomerAdmin can manage its owned customers, all its subscriptions and the depending items.

  • SubscriptionAdmin
    A SubscriptionAdmin can manage its owned subscriptions, all its tenants and the depending items.

  • TenantAdmin
    A TenantAdmin can manage its owned tenants and all its depending items.

  • UserStoreAdmin
    A UserStoreAdmin can manage its owned UserStore IDPs and all its depending items.

  • UserAdmin
    A UserAdmin can manage its own ProAuthUser information.

  • ApplicationDataReader
    The ApplicationDataReader role allows to retrieve data from the ApplicationUser and ApplicationGroup API. This role is usually assigned to a client app which loads or caches user and group information to populate user selection controls in the application.

API documentation

The API specification is provided as an OpenAPI v3 (aka Swagger) specification. It can be used to learn about the API requests and the data structures, generate scripts or event generate code for your integration project.

Client Nuget Packages

Based on the OpenAPI specification each ProAuth release publishes client Nuget Packages for .NET which cover the complete API. In addition to that, the client implementation also includes a token handler which covers the authentication implementation and token injection for you.

Key Features

  • API-fist mindset
  • Security Roles
  • Integration in Services and CI/CD automation


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