Feature Description

An important design goal of ProAuth is to support multi-tenancy all over the product and its functionality. A tenant is a customer / subsidiary / business unit using the application which authenticates through ProAuth. Often those entities have specific needs like special configurations, different federation settings or different requirements for second factors or simply just want to see their logo on the login screen. An authentication / authorization process always happens within a tenant configuration and therefore can be fully customized.

Multi Tenancy

Technically, each tenant configuration spins up an authentication pipeline, so the authentication process is always specific for a tenant.

Tenant specific configuration

Each login request runs in the context of a single tenant. Therefor custom settings or identity provider instances can be applied for each tenant.

Tenant specific login views

All the views which are part of a login request can be fully customized for a tenant. In addition to that, all the labels with their translated values are also customizable on tenant level.

Key Features

  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Individual Login views
  • Runtime Configuration


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